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Aaarghmageddon is coming…

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A bit of a back-story to Aaargh What started as a side project between two people, has spanned into a piece of work that has seen many ups and down in a very short time. The first time I (Danny Goodayle) spoke to Kris was after we mailed each other a couple of times after both of our projects on IndieGoGo had failed their funding runs. Disheartene Wanna read some more...?

Helping to make the world a smaller place…

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Schlumpf, the cute little blob. This little critter will be coming to the iPhone shortly, be warned. He is addictive. The artwork is courtesy of  Kristian Fosh, the artistic lead on the newly formed Rampant Fever team, more on that in future posts. Cute and Cuddly! Schlumpf is being made using Adobe’s flash packager for the iPhone, whi Wanna read some more...?

Enthusiasm vs Planning

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How things can quickly get out of hand… Kris's original concept for Aaargh Talking to Kris after both of our funding projects fell through on a crowd funding site (, we decided to meet up and talk about making a game together. Originally we had planned to make a game called iSpy, a puzzler game where you have to race across the Wanna read some more...?

Upcoming title…

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A single click puzzle platformer from Rampant fever, we’ll make sure theres a playable demo online soon of our first iPhone title! Wanna read some more...?


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Rampantfever – a meeting of minds and talent! Wanna read some more...?